Where there's life, there should be clean water


Where there's life, there should be clean water

What we do:

We are distributing water dispensers for developing future environmental and social custom drinking water.

How we do it:

We install our products at smart sites and hubs of the community in where there is need for drinking water.

Why do we do it:

We will increase access until an environmentally smart and locally produced water with a long-term, economical and future custom solution.

About us

About us

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about us

Ai water wants to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions through en reduction of transporting bottled water around the world. Water that may have traveled 2000 km before it reaches its ultimate goals. This change will lead not only until the reduction of toxic emissions such as carbon dioxide, but until reduced consumption of PET-bottles.

Ai water installing water dispensers in the community as connected to the water network. This allows the consumer to fill in existing bottles instead of buying new one.



  • Where people are, there must be drinking water
  • Refill your existing water bottle several times
  • Tap water before transporting water
  • Let smart design and technology bring people access to drinking water in the community
  • Reducing the use of PET plastics and chemicals






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Valhallavägen 79
114 28 Stockholm

Daniel Persson
VD, Projectmanager
+46 (0)70 3743747


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